Golden Sun Beta
(The Twilight Zone)

Welcome to the Twilight Zone!
You will never leave!
Please say something new once in a while, Saturos...
STFU, brat!
Um... is it always night-time in the Twilight Zone?
No, Garet. The Twilight Zone is... where EVERYTHING is weird.
Weird is an understatement.
It's the place where you wonder if you dropped your sanity and are hallucinating.
Um, ok, so this page sounds weird already...
It is weird! It is the Golden Sun beta/promo/prototype shown at Spaceworld!
That thing?
Yes! And we're now going to show you all the prototype pictures Caz has found!
With some witty comments by our webmistress too...
Take it away!


Okay, the Psynergy looks rubbish. Clearly they still needed to improve the graphics. Oh, and it's Isaac, Garet and Mia in a forest. Bizarre.
Yes/no pictures, drawn by a Camelot employee's five-year-old kid. I think.
Isaac, Garet and Mia in Sol Sanctum fighting bats.
Mia and Jenna must have switched places, because Jenna is now hanging out with Isaac, Garet and Ivan. Oh, and Isaac has Douse, Whirlwind and Cure on Page 2 of his Psynergy list. Usually, curative Psynergies are at the top of the first page.
Mia goes solo! "I don't need men to help me! I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR!" (Seriously, what is this? I thought perhaps a summon, but the whole party disappears during a summon. I don't get why Mia is the only one here.) Could this be a Venus summon or some special Venus Psynergy? (I'm guessing by the leaves that it's Venus aligned.)
Mia is standing here in a house in Vale and you can talk to her? She appears to be saying something about "enajii" (energy) They do call Psynergy Energy in the Japanese version (And Adepts are Energists, but that's not important.)

It looks like young Isaac, but I'm not sure. Vale looks... bright. Just where is that? I don't remember an area with all those trees. And is that a crate of fruit at the right there?


Venus Djinni: I ATE Ivan! Bloargh!

... Uh, Ivan's not there again, and the battle selection icons are obviously different. More crappy graphics, yay...


Isaac got a Venus Djinni! ... in Sol Sanctum. Which makes no sense, the Djinn weren't released until Mt. Aleph erupted.

At least, I thought it was getting the Djinni, but upon translating the text, I discovered it simply says that Isaac put the Venus Djinni on set. That doesn't usually prompt a dialogue box, and new Djinn don't set themselves... and also, it doesn't even say the Djinni's name...

It's Menardi and Saturos! Menardi looks younger... and less freakish.

Ok, this picture's clearly not right. Isaac looks 3 years older than he should (uh... 17 and not 14...) the dock's not destroyed so the boulder hasn't fallen, BUT NOBODY'S ON THE DOCK and Felix isn't even in the river!


Isaac: Who are you people and what have you done with my dad and Jenna and Felix's parents?


Mia in Vale, calling out to Garet.
Mia watching Isaac fix the roof. I swear Dora's face portrait seems slightly different, but that could just be picture quality.
Saturos! With non pointy ears?! Mia again...
Kraden: Who's that girl? Where's Jenna?
Hmm, the "yes" face seems to be nodding. Animated yes/no faces, huh? Guess they scrapped that.

Garet: Um, Isaac, why is there a blue-haired chick next to me? I want Jenna...

Isaac: ... Well, I like the "blue-haired chick"!

Garet: I want Jenna!

Isaac: Mia!

Garet: Jenna!

Isaac: ... Never mind. You're right. Jenna's better off here at the beginning. (She gets kidnapped after all...)


Something interesting here... the names in the party say "Robin" (Isaac), "Gerald" (Garet) and "Nina" ... huh, who's Nina? Mia's Japanese name is Mary. I guess maybe Nina was a beta name for "Mary"?


It's the strange people on the dock again. Difference is, Mia and Dora are here this time. Mia is calling out for her older brother. What older brother, Mia? =P
Interesting picture. I don't remember any villages located so close to the sea.
Isaac in Altin... what's interesting here is that the video showed him walking into Altin, and then as he went past that man, the man turned around and spoke to him without him initiating a conversation beforehand. Doesn't happen in the final version.

The menu icons are different.

... You know they realized it made more sense to be chasing ME across the world. I'm sexier.
... it also made more sense for ME to be the main girl in the party, I'm clearly the eyecandy...
Um, please don't fight, you two... o_o;;;
That beta's really out of whack!
Mia... in Jenna's place... that's disturbing!
Hmm, yes, then Felix/Mia would be...
Ivan, do yourself a favor and don't even say it.
... I really can't comment. I wasn't even in the game.
Meh. I wasn't in any of the shots. *sniffs* T_T
Yellow? Yellow? Ick!
And what's the deal with me only being in that party screenshot, with Ivan?
We may never know...
Yeah... beating it out of Camelot isn't an option.
Non pointy ears... it's utter blasphemy!
I AM kind of good looking though... but that purple band does no favors! Especially with dark blonde hair... it looks so strange!




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