Welcome to The Adepts of Weyard, a Golden Sun fansite.

Ever since May 2003, The Adepts of Weyard has been bringing you all sorts of content related to Nintendo's Golden Sun series - creative nonsense, useful and interesting information, wacky humour, mind numbing crack and generally all sorts of things. You will find a real variety of stuff in this website.

This site covers all three games released so far - Golden Sun, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, and Golden Sun Dark Dawn. It is bought to you by Kyarorain, webmistress and devoted Golden Sun fan.

Last Updated: 22nd July 2020

Isaac's Guidebook - Reference guides
Garet's Archives - Golden Sun meta
Ivan's Observatory -  Random and insane humour
Mia's Seaside Getaway - Couples go on dates
Felix's Valley - Interviews, diaries, and other fun things
Jenna's Campfire - Fanworks by Kyarorain
Sheba's Crystal Ball - Information on the future of the Golden Sun series
Piers's Logbook - Profiles, Japanese names, and other assorted trivia
Saturos's Stupid Stuff - Random humour and other idiocy
Menardi's Miscellany - Secrets, and other interesting information
Karst & Agatio's Torture Chamber - Where Alex gets tortured a lot
Alex's Organizer - Site related things, including links and site updates

Matthew's Library - Dark Dawn meta
Karis's Trivia -  Dark Dawn related trivia
Tyrell's Rec Room - Dark Dawn humor
Rief's References - Dark Dawn reference lists
Amiti's Love Shack - Shipping, fanmail, and other personal matters
Sveta's Theater - Golden Sun media
Eoleo's Tavern - Random banter, time travel and wacky hijinks
Himi's Tent - Consultations and creative uses of psychic powers






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