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Ever since May 2003, The Adepts of Weyard has been bringing you all sorts of content related to Nintendo's Golden Sun series - creative nonsense, useful and interesting information, wacky humour, mind numbing crack and generally all sorts of things. You will find a real variety of stuff in this website.


Last Updated: 3rd February 2023


Isaac and Garet's Lookout Cabin (Information)

Ivan's Library (Media)

Mia's Seaside Getaway (Couples)

Felix's Forest (Humour & Assorted Things)

Jenna's Hot Spring (Fluff)

Sheba's Crystal Ball (Future of Golden Sun)

Piers's Logbook (Trivia)

Alex's Archives (Site-related Stuff)

Saturos and Menardi's Crypt of Cringe

Karst and Agatio's Torture Chamber

Matthew and Karis's Treehouse (Dark Dawn stuff)

Tyrell's Rec Room (Humour)

The Whirlpool of Love (Romance)

Eoleo's Tavern (Random banter, time travel, wacky hijinks)

Himi and Sveta's Mystic Tent (Consultations)







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